Xenia Croy (IA, Class of 2012)

Xenia graduated from Vesalius College in 2012.  She has been engaged as a volunteer in a young philanthropic project in Kenya called STARTUP LIONS, the NGO that enables Africa’s rural youth to learn, earn and innovate.

Rural youth unemployment is often caused by poor infrastructure, limited access to markets and few job opportunities. Yet, in many regions of rural Africa, there is internet access and a vast amount of human talent – all it needs for digital careers.

This is where Startup Lions kicks in: it trains talented young adults, of which most have never touched a computer before, in high-value skills like web development, graphic design and animation.

Through its dedicated Fair-Trade sales unit, Startup Lions links its graduates to international clients. By enabling them to sell digital services right from its campus based in their home region, Startup Lions facilitates their ‘leapfrogging’ straight into the global digital economy.

This year, from more than 1000 applicants, Startup Lion has been selected as one of the 12 finalists in the Google Impact Challenge. As the finalist, they will receive $125,000 and support from Google experts. In the next phase of the challenge, they have the opportunity to double their funding if they receive the most votes by November 25th, 2018.   

Only thing you have to do to support Xenia in this project is to go to the voting website, and click on “VOTE,” – that is it!  This simple action can make a huge impact on the future of young people in Kenya. We hope many of you will vote!

For more information, please click here to read a press release.