What is EU Compliance and Why does it Matter to Business ?

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Guest Lecturer: Natasha Seghers
Date: Thursday, March 19th (6-8pm)

 It has been said that good compliance makes good business. Clearly, it is important that business is conducted in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. However, compliance means far more to business than simply complying with policies, rules and internal & external controls.

Our guest lecturer, Natasha Seghers, will examine the question: What is EU compliance and why does matter to business? As she will set out, good compliance immediately adds value to what is essential for growth and protection of business. Mrs. Seghers will further examine the potential consequences of non-compliance and corruption, both from a company perspective and a larger, macro-economic perspective and social level.

Natasha Seghers, is a Belgian lawyer who specialises in Belgian company law and EU compliance issues. Specialized in anti-corruption, GDPR, anti-money laundering, financial reporting, competition law, corporate social responsibility, and other corporate matters, Mrs. Seghers’ vast expertise covers a broad range of compliance issues at both the national and international level.

We hope that you’ll join us!