Mission Statement

The Vesalius College mission is to educate students in an open and tolerant environment, within a multi-disciplinary curriculum designed without artificial barriers between disciplines, in order to prepare them for academic, professional, and personal success. The College’s faculty is dedicated to instilling a spirit of critical inquiry and ethical responsibility; and to using teaching methods that emphasize academic independence, integrity, and an analytical approach to problem-solving.

It is the intention of Vesalius College to educate students so that they:

  • Attain in-depth knowledge of their chosen field and are prepared for professional or advanced academic work in that field,  and able to contribute to its development;
  • Are exposed to policy-makers and decision-making processes at both the European and global levels;
  • Are able to think rationally and independently, are honest in word and deed, open-minded, democrative and free from prejudice;
  • Are able to work autonomously and with others as responsible and cooperative leaders;
  • Are conscious of global conflicts and divergent developments, and are prepared to work towards the development of a world that is increasingly equitable, without any sacrifice of its diversity.
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