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Vesalius College was founded as the first American-style Liberal Arts College in Benelux in 1987. For the last 30-years, the College has seen tremendous growth and changes by bringing together the students, faculty, staff and practitioners, sharing the same purpose – to learn, to educate and to grow personally and professionally.

Your contributions shape the future of Vesalius College, making a difference in providing students with more scholarship opportunities and access to the world-class education, and in providing our professors with research opportunities for innovative teaching and learning.  There are many ways to support Vesalius College and each contribution, regardless of the size, has a vital impact on our effort to enrich the educational experience for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

We appreciate your generosity and thank you for your commitment to Vesalius College!

Scholarship Fund
The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to support the Academic Excellence Scholarships, which are awarded to students who have outstanding academic records and personal integrity, as demonstrated by grades, extra-curricular activities, standardized test scores (i.e. TOEFL, SAT).
Hardship Fund
The purpose of the Hardship Fund is to provide support to current students who have experienced an unforeseen change of circumstance in their personal situation whilst studying at Vesalius College and need additional financial support in order to continue their studies and reach their full potential.
Education Initiative Fund
The Education Initiative Fund will support projects that provide students with educational opportunities such as participation in Honors Class, Model EU, Capstone, etc.
Research & Faculty Fund
The purpose of the Research & Faculty Fund is to support faculty with innovative teaching and learning as well as with their research projects.
This fund is to provide the facilities and infrastructure to enrich Vesalius College and provide top-notch education.
Discretionary Fund
Your donation to this fund will strengthen every single aspect of Vesalius College. Your support provides the means to do more, whether it is to offer students more scholarships and educational opportunities or to allow faculty to conduct more research. This fund will be used in the area where the College sees the greatest need for support.



As of 2000, the Vesalius College grants prizes and scholarships in honour of Andrée and Franz Bingen. The Fund Andrée and Franz Bingen was established in 2018 to guarantee a fair assignment of these prizes and scholarships in the long term.


Andrée and Franz Bingen married in 1960 and have had three sons together. Franz Bingen is emeritus prof. dr. of mathematics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the founder of the Vesalius College. Andrée Bingen, who used to be a teacher of biology at the Atheneum of Nijvel, has done a lot for the Vesalius College behind the scenes. In her eyes, it was unfair that students of the Vesalius College with financial problems had a disadvantage through their academic career. The Andrée Bingen fund was established for this reason.

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