Experiential Learning

7TPEL the city of Brussels into your biggest classroom through site visits, workshops, and guest lectures

At Vesalius College we pursue a unique and specific approach to teaching, which combines the promotion of in-depth theoretical knowledge with ‘practice-embedded and experiential learning.’

TPEL draws on the College’s unique location and access to senior European and global policy-makers, business executives and entrepreneurs, legal experts and communication professionals. These experts are not only invited regularly to high-level guest lectures and weekend workshops, but they also form an important part of the College’s regular curriculum throughout the three years of undergraduate education.

Through the simulations of real-life problems in international politics, business case studies, communication campaigns and legal advocacy exercises in the classroom, students receive practical feedback from senior professionals from the ‘ real world’ and learn how theories learned in the classroom are applied into real-life situations.

Our teaching approach of TPEL ensures that our students are equipped with in-depth theoretical knowledge and the essential practical skills and networks that they need to succeed in their professional callings.