As the Capital of Europe, Brussels is the ideal place for students of varying interests and major areas of study to enrich their academic experience.

The city is an important international location as it is home to the European institutions, NATO, and numerous international organisations and multinational companies. Our students can benefit from this international setting in many ways, and our academic programmes draw on this setting to deliver a strong European focus.

Brussels is the bilingual Capital of Belgium, with French and Dutch (Flemish) as official languages. It is a cosmopolitan city in which many different cultures live together and where different languages can be heard on each street. This liveliness and international flair is, of course, intimately related to its role as the crossroads of Europe.

Although the international business and political world form an important part of Brussels’ culture, the quaintness of its cobblestone streets and rich variety of beer, chocolate and lace give the city a warm and festive ambiance. Brussels and the surrounding communities offer numerous festivals, sports events, and a wide variety of expositions, concerts and museums. Brussels is also one of Europe’s greenest cities, boasting many gardens and parks which, due to the mild and somewhat rainy climate, display lush flora all year long. Visitors to Brussels won’t be able to leave without having sampled Belgium’s renowned fine gastronomy, ranging from prize-winning haute cuisine to the tastiest mussels and fries in the world.

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