Vesalius College updates its entry requirements

At Vesalius College we strive to offer and deliver top-quality education to our students so that they become globally conscious citizens. In an attempt to make the admissions process to our college more egalitarian whilst maintaining our standards for excellence and selectivity, we have updated our entry requirements. The realisation of this revision also comes as our reaction to the global challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For the most part, the adjustments concern our requisites for standardised tests commonly used by institutions of higher education to assess academic skills (i.e. SAT and ACT) and English language proficiency. Below are the changes to the entry requirements at VeCo taking effect immediately and thus pertinent to those students applying to our Fall 2020 intake. 

Standardised tests for academic skills 

We have extended the range of accepted secondary education diplomas without the need of scores from supplemental aptitude tests for academic skills such as the SAT and ACT. Please see here our reference table listing the diplomas we now accept with or without standardised test results. Students whose diploma is not listed in our reference table should contact our Admissions team, which will advise on their eligibility for admissions and provide specific instructions.  

English proficiency 

Because English is the language of instruction at VeCo, a good command of English is essential to succeed at our college. Therefore, students who are not native speakers, or have not received formal education in English are required to demonstrate a certain level of English proficiency to be admitted to our programmes. This may be achieved by either submitting the scores of an English language examination (see here for options and minimum accepted scores) or the scores of SAT/ACT.

At VeCo we are both proud and enthusiastic to now accept the Duolingo English Test as an additional alternative to the range of English language test we were already accepting before. The Duolingo test is organised online and therefore students are able to certify their English proficiency from anywhere and anytime. 

In line with Vesalius College’s personal approach in teaching, we would therefore like to ask each of our potential students who have questions regarding our entry requirements, to contact us individually to determine their eligibility. We will do our utmost to provide him or her with an as accurate and clear as possible answer. You can reach our Admissions team ( 

Vesalius College 
Brussels, 26 March 2020 

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