Vesalius College is selected as knowledge partner to the prestigious European Business Summit

Vesalius College was selected as knowledge partner to the prestigious European Business Summit, taking place on 23-24 May 2018 at the Egmont Palace in Brussels.

The European Business Summit is one of the most prestigious yearly events where business leaders meet with (European) politicians and other experts. This year, the Summit addressed the question on how Europe can lead in a changing world and how it should position itself to be at the forefront of global economic, social, and political change. More than 1700 attended the Summit, as well as 178 speakers and 115 journalists

Vesalius College was involved in the sessions on Europe’s trade strategy, where among others European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, Takehiko Matsuo (Director General for Trade Policy of Japan), Marco Chirullo (EU’s Deputy Chief Negotiatior of the EPA between Japan and the EU), MEP Marietje Schaake, MEP Philippe Lamberts, Amela Hubic (Senior Economic Advisor, European Political Strategy Centre), and Luisa Santos (Director for International Relations, BusinessEurope) discussed the future of the European Trade Strategy.

Vesalius College was represented by Prof. Dr. Sven Van Kerckhoven, Prof. Jean Bellemans, and Prof. Dr. Adriaan Luyten, and selected students (Johanna Delmelle, Augustin De Marnix, Marie Dubern, and Maria Maldonado).

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