Vesalius College secures new research project ‘The Economics of European (Dis)integration’

In September 2019, a new research project titled ‘The Economics of European (Dis)integration’ (ECONDIS) was kicked off at Vesalius College. In the current area of increased populist contestation of integration and cooperation, the main objective of the Jean Monnet Module ECONDIS is to educate students on the benefits of European integration, and the risks and challenges posed by disintegration as proposed by populists in several member states. This project is unique in that it combines intermediate economic tools and applies these to the study of the European Union. The Jean Monnet Module will provide both a course on ‘The European Economy’ as well as serve as a starting point for further research and enquiries into the ‘Economics of European (dis)integration’. The project will have a 3-year duration. Team members are Sven Van Kerckhoven (Vice-Dean for Education at VeCo) and Marijn Huysmans (Utrecht University).