Vesalius College hosts SUNY Model EU 2018

Over 130 student delegates from the United States and Europe assembled at Vesalius College from January 10-14 for the SUNY Model EU 2018.

SUNY Model EU is a joint activity with the State University of New York (SUNY) system and Vesalius College. It is a simulation of political negotiations at a European Council summit.  This year the simulation topic – and centerpiece of student debate – was the Bulgarian presidency.  


Vesalius’ TPEL Method 

For the simulation, each student was assigned to a different role.  For International Affairs students this meant acting as a head of government or foreign minister, while for Communications students it meant acting as a member of the Press Corps.

Vesalius follows a theory-guided, practice embedded, and experiential learning (TPEL) approach to education.  The TPEL method incorporates hands-on experiences, like the SUNY Model EU simulation and site visits, to reinforce classroom lectures.

TPEL encourages self-discovery, development of employability skills, and enhances academic theories.

The 4 day program incorporated visits to the EU Parliament and EU Council, as well as a city trip to medieval Ghent.

SUNY Model EU is held at Vesalius College every two years and is sponsored by the SUNY Office of Global Affairs (New York). 

MEUS, the Model EU student newspaper is available online: MEUS Issue 1, MEUS issue 2 and MEUS issue 3.


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