A workshop on ‘Citizenship in Higher Education’

On September 10 and 11, Vesalius College in collaboration with the University of Bath organized a workshop on ‘Citizenship in Higher Education’ at the Bristol & Bath Brussels Office.

The workshop opened a dialogue on the sociocultural narratives of student engagement, diversity and inclusivity. Participants also addressed the problems of harassment, abuse and hate crime affecting international students and shared meaningful insights and experiences on how the issues were tackled at their own institutions.  

Prof. Dr. Frank E. Billingsley, Business Professor and Head of the Foundation Programme at Vesalius College, led and facilitated the session on ‘Higher Education Reform and Gender’. The session focused on the challenges faced by women and other non-dominant groups when it comes to Higher Education and leadership positions.

Edgar Felix, M.S.Ed., in collaboration with Margherita Pace, M.A., Study Abroad and Internship Coordinators at Vesalius College, also delivered a session on ‘Supporting International Students and Fostering a Multi-Cultural Learning Community’ focusing on the major challenges faced by International Students but also the key resources and coping strategies to support them while studying abroad.

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