VeCo students learn via NATO simulation

VeCo students were given a unique opportunity to work on a simulation using a fictitious scenario developed by Commander Kurt Engelen, Action Officer at the Belgian Military Representation to the Military Committee of NATO.

Prof. Serge Stroobants, in charge of ‘POL321G: NATO and the Transatlantic Approaches to Security,’ organised the simulation in NATO crisis management decision making. Students prepared an opening statement as the representative of their respective NATO countries in the Operations Policy Committee (OPC) by combining the full analysis of the scenario with the foreign policy and the security strategy of their countries. Students also simulated two OPC meetings where they discussed the SACEUR Strategic Assessment, commented on a proposed consensual text and amended it. 

Students who participated in this simulation very much appreciated the experience and the opportunity to learn from a number of individuals who have been, and still are, part of similar discussions at NATO Headquarters.