VeCo Professor speaks at US-German Counterinsurgency High Level Meeting

From 14th – 17th February 2012, Prof. Dr. Joachim Koops will attend the high level US-German Counterinsurgency Symposium in Washington and has been asked to present his views on the relationship between peacekeeping and counterinsurgency. The meeting will bring together top Generals from the US and German Military and senior politicians to discuss lessons learned from Afghanistan and Iraq and ways ahead for German and international counterinsurgency activities.

At the meeting, General Petraeus (Director CIA and former Commander in Iraq and Afghanistan) and the German Minister of Defence, Thomas de Maiziere, will announce Germany’s New Counterinsurgency Strategy. Prof. Dr. Koops will give a talk on the implications for the United Nations, NATO and African Union efforts in future Peacekeeping and Counterinsurgency missions.

For the draft agenda, click here.