VeCo Launches a NEW Bachelor of Arts in International & European Law

As of the Fall 2015 semester, Vesalius College will introduce a new Bachelor of Arts in International & European Law.

The BA in International and European Law at Vesalius College provides the knowledge, skills and foundation needed for an international career related to the law. The programme is ideal for students who are passionate about international and European legal issues. Offering a truly interdisciplinary approach where students can choose courses in a business as well as in an international and European legal context, the programme allows students to gain an understanding of legal processes and apparatuses in order to provide legal and policy analysis. Topics taught include legal systems around the world and how they interact, the international system, the European integration process, and European and international law-making, among others. 

With this programme, the College builds on the success of its Bachelor programmes in Business StudiesCommunication Studies and International Affairs as well as its two certificate programmes in European Peace and Security Studies and Global Risk Analysis and Crisis Management.

The BA in International & European Law will allow the College to further bring the benefits of its location in Brussels to its students and provide an even more interdisciplinary education. At the heart of Europe, Brussels is home to countless internationally-operating corporations and organisations, including NATO and the European Union. Furthermore, there are numerous lobbying organisations, business federations, embassies and NGOs dedicated to analysing and responding to the policies and treaties established in the political institutions based in Brussels. Thus, the field of Law permeates through most professional arenas in Brussels.

One of the ways that Vesalius College helps students enrolled in the BA in International & European Law to take advantage of the College’s unique location in Brussels is by ‘bringing Brussels to the classroom’, organising many guest lectures and events with leading experts and policymakers to give students valuable insight into the practical aspects of their education, and to also help them make better-informed choices for their future career or study paths.

Students enrolled in Vesalius College’s Bachelor programmes, including the BA in International & European Law, also have the opportunity to do an internship in Brussels for academic credit at one of our many partner organisations, which include government institutions, think tanks, international corporations and NGOs. 

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