VeCo Alumna wins Award for best Paper in the UK

The British Academy of Management awarded the award for best paper in the category “Knowledge and learning” to Isabel Rechberg, VeCo Class of 2006, for her paper entitled “Appropriation or Participation of the Individual in the Knowledge Management debate: a Philosophical Prospective”, which she co-authored with Kent University Senior Lecturer Jawad Syed.

In the paper, the authors examine how knowledge management tasks are assigned to the individual by the management and how knowledge management tasks are meant to be determined jointly by the individual and the management, whilst highlighting the paradox between management and knowledge and secondly between organisational and individual knowledge.

The British Academy of Management was founded in 1986 and currently has about 1600 members. They run 2 journals, an academic conference and organize training and development events worldwide.

Upon graduating from Vesalius College, Isabel Rechberg continued her studies at the University of Sidney for her master’s degree before continuing to the University of Kent at Canterbury, where she is currently teaching Human Resources Management and Organisational Psychology and pursuing her Ph.D.

Vesalius College is proud of Isabel’s success and would like to congratulate her and her co-author with this award.