VeCo 30th Anniversary Celebration brings together Alumni, students and professors

On Saturday, 13 April, Vesalius College celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a barbecue that brought together more than 70 members of the VeCo community. Students, Alumni, faculty and staff attended the event organized by the Vesalius Student Government (VSG).

Along the celebration, attendees had the chance to re-encounter colleagues and classmates, and enjoy the barbecue service. The event included as well different activities, such as a football tournament, a giant beer pong, and community games. Furthermore, the current President of the VSG, Linda Slapakova, announced that Felix-Dani Kastellan is her successor and the new President of the VSG. After Linda’s words, Dr. J. Koops, Dean of Vesalius College, pronounced a speech commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the college and expressed his gratitude to the VeCo community for being part of Vesalius College.


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