Yolanda Lee, International Affairs Major, Class of 2012

My education at Vesalius fuelled a vested curiosity in me and in doing so, enabled me to grow as both a student and an individual.

I profited from the diverse and dynamic environment in which we were free to challenge ourselves and create our own questions. This experience allowed me to emerge with a rich awareness of the world around me. I profited from the lively classroom discussions with and gained the critical insight to deconstruct problematic paradigms and also, reconstruct potential alternatives. I benefitted immensely from the inspiring and dedicated professors who always encouraged me to strive for my goals.

I am confident that I have been equipped with the necessary tools to try and answer the questions of what I want to do, where I want to go, and who I want to be.

As I pursue my Master’s degree at the University of Oxford, I feel that Vesalius has prepared me well to face whatever challenges may lay ahead.

Yolanda Lee