Victoria Tregub, Communication Major, Class of 2008

Ten years ago, I graduated from Vesalius College, a university that changed my life and determined who I became today. As an alumna, I can wholeheartedly say that VeCo supports its students at every academic stage and invests in their personal development. At VeCo, I discovered my strongest talents as I grew and prepared for my professional future. The professors as well as the student body were diverse, international and multicultural which broadened my horizon, not to mention enhanced my network and circle of friends on a global scale. And because classes are taught in small groups, every student counts as the teaching method really focuses on developing your personal growth. Next to the daily classes, I also had the opportunity to do an internship at TV Brussels during my studies, where I learned about the practical side of journalism and developed my all-round communication skills.

After graduating from VeCo, I pursued a Master’s degree in Business Administration, then worked several years at NATO headquarters and now I have the privilege of working in the most brilliant sector of the world in the Antwerp diamond industry as Social Media Officer, promoting a beautiful and centuries-old product in an innovative way.

VeCo is a tightly-knit family where you learn that academics are as important as people and that networking is crucial because you never know who you will meet on your path in the future.