Velibor Kastratovic, Business Major, Class of 2008

When talking about the professional goals in life, one can generally say that every student’s dream is to successfully complete the course they are studying and find an excellent employment afterwards. My dream was no different. I came to study at VeCo believing that it will provide me with sufficient knowledge to find good employment afterwards, and that Brussels will be an inspiring international community to live in. As a matter of fact, my expectations were highly exceeded – I learned and experienced much more than I ever thought I would! Not only I found a great job immediately after graduation, but also made a solid base to continue my studies at a later stage and gain many valuable experiences as a student involved in various VeCo activities.

I chose Vesalius and Brussels because of my wish to continue the path of international education that I started like a sixteen-year-old. Namely, I moved to Italy from my native Montenegro when Italian government awarded me with a scholarship to study in an international high school in Trieste. There I “fell in love” with the economics course and decided that I wanted to pursue a career related to business and economics. Moreover, I opted to come and study at VesaliusCollege because I felt that small-size classes and American style of teaching in the “Heart of Europe” were the right choice for me – and I was not wrong.  The proof for my words is simple: after the internship that I undertook during my last academic year at VeCo in the European headquarters of United Parcel Service (UPS), I was offered a permanent position within a company. The direct manager I was working with at the time was very happy with the high level of my business knowledge and other relevant skills I possessed, so he recommended me for an open position within the Region Marketing Department. Soon after that, I had an offer in my hand for a full-time job at UPS two weeks before I was supposed to graduate from VeCo! As a result, I currently work as a Pricing Analyst for UPS’s strategically important customers located in Europe. One of the main tasks I perform at work can be related with the Managerial Accounting course I took at VeCo (a part called: “special price offers”) – yet another proof that classes can teach you things you’ll need in your future employment!

To wrap up, in the past couple of years I learned that in smaller teams an individual stands better chances to advance. VeCo is a small team and Brussels is a great place that can provide a lot to anybody willing to go for an opportunity when they spot it. All it takes is to embark as much knowledge and experiences from VeCo as possible and you will be ready to make the difference!

Velibor Kastratovic