Stephan Bergmann Johansen, International & European Law Major, Class of 2019

My first month as a Law student at Vesalius College has been very enriching. It has been a lot of fun getting to know students and professors coming from all different corners of the world. The diverse student body gives another dimension to the in-class discussions as students observe the same phenomena in different ways depending on their background. Furthermore, Brussels is such a beautiful, thriving city. There is always something happening here!

Still, the most pleasant surprise has been the classes. The professors are competent and classes are extremely interactive which leads to interesting debates and in-depth explanations. I feel this aspect is particularly useful in Law as we are introduced to complex concepts that were unknown to most of us upon enrolment.

What surprised me about International & European Law is how closely these subjects are related to politics and global governance. Thus, it contributes to a better comprehension of the mechanisms that rule our global society as we learn about the functioning of organisations like the UN, the International Court of Justice etc. Nevertheless, my favourite aspect of the program is that it opens a lot of doors, and gives us a broad spectrum of opportunities both in terms of future jobs and further studies. I do not regret for a second having chosen it and I am looking forward to the continuation!

Stephan Bergmann Johansen