Sarah Levy, International & European Law Major, Class of 2018

In my first year at Vesalius College, I participated in an Honours Class on countering extremist terrorism. Our group created a project called Newsworthy. We presented our idea in a competition and were selected to present it to the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C.

Within the Newsworthy project, my role was to write articles demystifying concepts and discourses. At Vesalius College, we are taught to think critically, and the Law major in particular strengthens our ability to see things, details, cracks that we would otherwise fail to notice. Throughout the different law classes we have followed, our professors have consistently pushed and questioned us so that we could hone our ability to see problems from all conceivable perspectives. When challenging violent extremism and violent extremist narratives, this is a crucial skill.

During the Honours Class, I learned a number of different skills like project management and the ability to be consistent in my work. I had the chance to work with incredible students from different countries and majors under the wing of an outstanding professor who helped us flourish. I learned from each member of the team. I feel that this is a life-changing project, and it gave me the confidence and urge to start DOING things. Lastly, I am convinced that this project will be a great asset for my graduate application, and later—as it opened the doors of a great alumni network—for my professional development.

The Newsworthy project helped me grow as a student. I think the best advice I could ever offer to a prospective Law student at Vesalius would be to take each and every opportunity that shows up along the way.

Sarah Levy