Patricia Tushabe, VeCo student at Rutgers University, USA

The five months I spent studying abroad at Rutgers will forever be memorable.  I had never been in the US before, thus studying at Rutgers opened doors for me to explore the US culture (to some extent), meet new people and make new friends. This was a unique experience for me because away from the school’s busy schedule, I still found enough time to have fun. I took trips to New York City a couple of times, visted Washington DC and familiarized myself with New Jersey (state where Rutgers is located). Each moment was amazing in it’s own way.

Reflecting on academics, Rutgers offers a  wide range of courses. This made it so easy for me to select courses that would highly contribute to my Business major studies at Vesalius and also select interesting free elective courses that are not offered at Vesalius. Despite the big size of  lecture halls (100 students and more per lecture), professors were very helpful and made the lecturers as interactive as possible to make sure all students participated in class. I was taken out of my comfort zone (the study routine that I was used to at Vesalius) and put to a test of adapting to a new routine within a short period of time.  Just like Vesalius College, Rutgers hosts students from all over the world. I was able to meet other international study abroad students and full-time Rutgers students from so many countries. So many of these people later became my study and hanging out buddies.  I lived in a dorm on campus which was well located because most of the places (classes, shopping malls, book stores, grocery stores, Restaurants and bars) were easy to get to. I never really got home sick since I lived with other students in the dorm. We were always occupied either with school or planning fun things to do in our free time. Before I knew it, five months had gone by so fast!

I became a more open minded person and made great friendships that are likely to last for a life time.  Studying abroad will forever remain one of the greatest experiences of my life. A special thanks to  the study abroad program at Vesalius college which made this experience possible.