Nick Vasuta, Study Abroad student from Clemson University

Vesalius College has provided me with an eye opening, diverse, and life changing experience. The location, the school, and the program have all provided me with experiences that I would have never had a chance to achieve elsewhere.

Vesalius’ location in Brussels is the center of Europe economically and so it could not be at a better location to study abroad and it is for the same reasons the EU and NATO have their headquarters here. These headquarters also bring all of the cultures of Europe and many of the world to the city of Brussels. Further, within a couple of hours in all directions you can be in a different country, all with vastly differing cultures and languages. However, you don’t have to go anywhere to get that experience as your fellow students at Vesalius are from all over Europe and the world.

Studying at Vesalius is an experience unlike any other, it is an eye opener and one you will never forget. I spent a full year in Brussels and took the option to do an internship too, providing me with the opportunity to work in an office ran in a different language and work environment.

The Vesalius study abroad program and its courses, professors, and programs have let me expand my knowledge while encompassing an international point of view, allowing me to be one who embraces diversity and other cultures. While with all the possibilities offered at Vesalius your experience is sure to be different, at the same time it is sure to be a positive, unforgettable experience.


Nick Vasuta