Nathalie Kuhn, Business Major, Class of 2014

Studying at VeCo really changed my life and gave me the opportunity to make my dream come true.

Because I was brought up in French and German speaking family and attended a European School in Brussels, I was used to develop in a multi-cultural environment and to be surrounded by people coming from any part of the World. This multi-cultural environment has always been vital to me and I was therefore looking for an international environment to continue my studies.

Additionally, my dream was to go study an MBA at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the biggest and most famous aeronautical university in the world located in Florida, USA. In order to reach my goal, I had to improve my English skills and develop leadership skills as well, while studying my BA in Business at VeCo.

VeCo gave me the great opportunity to develop and improve those skills, and also gave me the opportunity to gain some valuable self-confidence to reach my goals and my dreams.

My dream has finally come true: after a long and demanding process, I am now studying my MBA at ERAU, and specializing in Airports Operations and Management. My dream now is to do some research and be part of tomorrow’s airports innovators.