Nathalia Sang, Intern at Serve the City

During the summer of 2013, I completed an internship in the organisation Serve the City. I was constantly engaged in small acts of serving that surely contributed to making this world a better place.

One of my tasks was to develop new projects and ideas for Serve the City’s various focus areas, working on programmes to help the homeless, asylum seekers, disabled, elderly, children and victims of abuse. My work not only focused on meetings with potential sponsors for these projects, but I also had the opportunity to directly work with the actual people in need. Twice a week, I would leave the office for practical work, which made my experience at Serve the City very unique. I spent my time with special and unforgettable children, helping them with their homework after school.

In addition to this, my internship at Serve the City was a great networking opportunity as I met people from all over the world – not only at the meetings I attended, but also by meeting those who joined the organisation willing to serve. I am thankful to Vesalius College and my internship assistant, Jodi Theut, for this wonderful experience.

In the photo: My lovely friend Bilal and I.

Nathalia Sang