Masa Lekic, International Affairs Major, Class of 2010

Studying at Vesalius College proved to be tremendously important for discovering my academic interests and guiding my future career path in international development.

Doing Bachelor studies at Vesalius College not only helped me discover my interest in international affairs and the politics of international organisations, but also encouraged me to become active outside the academic arena and acquire experience in my major fields of interest.

As a student, I completed an internship at the Brussels-based NGO Trialog, which focuses on civil society research. Also, I used VeCo’s perfect location as an opportunity to gain insight into the work of one of the EU’s most important institutions- the European Parliament.

The experience, knowledge and internationally-recognised degree I acquired from Vesalius College helped me to continue my studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. As a Master student, I further deepened my interest in international relations, and worked for the Embassy of Montenegro to Austria and the Permanent Representation of Montenegro to the UN and OSCE. I gained insight into the diplomatic world and expanded my knowledge of and interest in international organisations. Finally, I undertook an internship at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna, which strengthened my interest in international development, project management and the work of international organisations in the developing world.

Today, three years after graduating from Vesalius College, I work as a Consultant for the UN Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO), where I am involved in monitoring and evaluating the UN project in Montenegro. When I look back to the three years spent in Brussels, I am thankful to Vesalius College for providing me with a highly-valued international education, for discovering my interests and opening the door to the world of international organisations.

Masa Lekic