Levi Maxey – Study Abroad student from Roosevelt University (Fall 2013)

After much anticipation I had finally arrived at Vesalius College. I was in the fall semester of my final year of university, and I had been allowed the privilege of studying abroad in Brussels. Over the course of my stay, Vesalius exceeded my expectations without failure. Whether through the intellectually stimulating courses taught by passionate and engaging professors, peaking my interest in global peace and security, or the diverse and inclusive student body that provided lasting friendships. It was certainly an experience that helped form my perceptions and my future. Vesalius provided a platform that allowed me to leap into the world of global affairs by positioning me with people of similar interests but different backgrounds, as well as providing the opportunity to intern at the Global Governance Institute where I was able to interact with and learn from scholars, journalists, and practitioners involved in the work of advancing peace around the world. This professional experience, along with the continuing support and guidance of Vesalius faculty has proved immeasurably valuable in the pursuit of my professional aspirations.

The experiences and support acquired from my time at Vesalius played a significant role in my acceptance into Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service where I will be pursing my MA in Security Studies starting in the fall of 2015. I have full confidence that my time at Vesalius will continue to positively influence my future, and I cannot be more grateful.