Laffineur Law Firm

As a supervisor, I have the great opportunity to meet students coming from all around the United States of America who are eager to learn about the European lifestyle in Brussels. This is culturally enriching for both sides.

This is a really practical way to get to know each other beyond the easy cliches. We both have the chance to share our personal, scholar and career experiences. Moreover, as we welcome students keen on politics, the discussions are often very instructive.

Working as an intern at Laffineur Law firm is a great opportunity for getting involved in EU legislative affairs.  The intern actively monitors EU draft legislation and case law. Her/his work is focused on these topics but also in editing memos written by Laffineur attorneys for U.S. based clients.

Nowadays, to be accepted in a university or hired for a first job requires the student to show a strong interest in what he/she wants to do. Experience such as an internship can make you more attractive at a professional point of view.

Eleonora Mancini, Attorney-at-Law