Kristine Kessler, Intern at ECRAAL

As an International Affairs major with a focus on Europe, I wanted to participate in a study abroad programme that would deepen my understanding of the EU and its systems. I came to Brussels and started classes at Vesalius College.

After learning about ECRAAL, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity that an internship with ECRAAL would provide. I knew that this experience would be a hands-on approach to learning in an international environment, but I have been able to gain so much more from this internship. I was immediately welcomed into the workplace and given all the tools that I would need to succeed. I attended conferences, researched for briefings, wrote newsletter articles and developed the database.

I now have a heightened understanding of the European Commission, its policies, and how they are put into action, and I definitely feel like I have been able to make an impact through working with this company.

Kristine Kessler