Julia Hofheinz – study abroad student from Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, Germany

May 2014. My study abroad semester is finished. These past couple of months at Vesalius College Brussels have passed so fast; it’s unbelievable!

In retrospect, I am very glad that I had decided to apply to this “American-style” university in Brussels. Vesalius College not only offers its students a great and familiar workspace, small study groups and super motivated professors; you are also provided with the great opportunity to meet amazing new people from all over the world. What I, as a German student, liked best about Vesalius College is that if you work hard, your work will be rewarded. The professors will challenge their students, not only with a mid-term and final exam but also with a couple of group projects and take-home assignments as well as a grade for oral class participation. Throughout this past Spring semester, I’ve had a great student-teacher relationship to all of my professors. Whenever there was a problem or an unanswered question, I could be certain that the professors at Vesalius College were happy to meet and help me during their office hours. In general, the friendliness and helpfulness that I experienced at Vesalius College is mind-boggling; the small number of students at Vesalius College enables the staff to care about and deal with each individual in a way I had never experienced it before.  On the weekends, all of my international friends from abroad enjoyed the relatively central location of Brussels within Europe and travelled (for almost nothing) to a wide array of European destinations. Brussels definitely proves to be a good starting point for all those who want to travel all over Europe. Paella in Spain, Gyros in Greek, Schnitzel und Spätzle in Germany, and Pizza and Pasta in Italy- the huge variety and the many differences between the individual countries might surprise but definitely won’t disappoint you!

In conclusion: Even though the tuition fee may seem high for a European student, the opportunities offered by Vesalius are worth it every cent! If you have the chance, apply to Vesalius College Brussels and experience it yourself! I promise, you won’t be disappointed…  


Julia Hofheinz 2

Julia Hofheinz