Jostein Jonassen, Vesalius College student at American University

I have always loved to travel and to experience different cultures. Studying International Affairs at Vesalius College has allowed me to combine these passions with my interest in world politics and history. This semester I have been abroad, studying Peace & Conflict Resolution at the American University in Washington D.C.

The programme has involved an in-depth study of the implications succeeding the disintegration of Yugoslavia during the early 90s and the wars that followed. With a particular focus on the Bosnian case, the classes have had an inter-disciplinary approach with perspectives from political theory, law, economics, sociology and psychology. In addition to more than 50 meetings with experts, NGOs, government institutions, authors and ambassadors in D.C., the programme also consisted of a three-week field study in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. To increase my understanding of the region, I have also been interning at the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina in D.C., a non-profit organisation that lobbies within the Congress for strengthened US involvement in Bosnia.

My experience in D.C has been fantastic. In many ways, Washington D.C. can be compared with Brussels: in addition to making friends from all over the world, this truly international city is filled with cultural, academic and professional opportunities.


Jostein Jonassen