John Mullin, Intern at ING

During my internship at ING I was involved on projects that utilized my Spanish language skills in helping ING in expanding its services to the new wave of Spanish nationals coming to Brussels. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at ING, and really did learn a lot, as well as getting to meet a lot of nice and interesting people, and getting firsthand experience in what it is like working in a large global financial institution. Some of the tasks I got to work on were the first edition of Expat Times magazine, as well as my Spanish project.  I was also invited to several seminars and talks were I got to network with important Expats in Belgium, as well as learn a lot about banking, entrepreneurship, real estate, and many other interesting topics in Belgium. Overall I really cherish and think fondly of my time at ING, and I am thankful to ING, Dave Deruytter (my boss) and Vesalius College for allowing me to take part in this wonderful experience.