Jill Berger, Communications Major, Class of 2010

After graduating with a BA in Communications from Vesalius College in 2010, Jill worked at a Brussels-based communication agency for three years and has recently taken up a challenging position in the financial communication field in Switzerland. There, she joined meetinvest.com, the world’s first online stock selection and social media platform for investors. Jill says: “As a student, the last thing on my mind was saving money. As a university graduate with a decent salary, priorities change and I was immediately drawn to the mission of meetinvest, which is to give people the power to invest like an expert and connect with other like-minded people for free.” The start-up really is the first of its kind, allowing registered users to apply the same tools that investment professionals use on Wall Street at no cost. “Even if you don’t have any real money to invest yet, the platform can still be used as a great learning tool,” Jill explains, “if you want to know how people like Buffett or Graham select the stocks that make their investment strategies successful, you’ll find the answers here.”

If you want to get in touch with Jill to find out more about her exciting project, contact her on LinkedIn.