Helene Svendsrud, Communications Major, Class of 2013

Vesalius College prepares students for a successful career by giving them career-relevant skills in addition to a theoretical base. The classes I took at VeCo were connected to the “real world”, which is very important, because it is what separates VeCo from other universities that simply focus on the theoretical side of education.

I now work as Advertising Account Manager at Facebook in Barcelona. The position is hugely relevant to what I learned in my classes, and I even used an example from one of Professor Bernard’s classes in my interview! Everything we learned about branding, online marketing and especially viral marketing has helped me greatly when being trained for this job.

I am so thankful to my professors at VeCo for everything they taught me during my time at Vesalius and for preparing me for the real-world by helping us develop hands-on skills. While I still have a lot to learn in my new job, I am excited and feel prepared as VeCo provided me with a good base of skills and knowledge, and also taught me the value of flexibility and determination!