Eva Kemmann, Intern at the European Security Round Table

On September 17, 2012 I started working as an intern at the European Security Round Table (ESRT) and it has been a great experience so far. My co-workers welcomed me warmly and introduced me well into the company’s administrative and operational procedures. From the beginning, I was an active participant in the meetings organized both by our office and other institutions like the European Parliament. The ESRT holds various events on European and global security issues like the CSDP missions, the Schengen area and the Global Cyber Security Strategy. Hence I have been able to learn more about a diverse range of contemporary political and security developments. In addition, the internship has provided me with valuable experience in how to interact with high level representatives of different governmental and non-governmental organisations. To conclude, I can only recommend doing an internship to any VeCo student!

Eva Kemmann