Elliot Steed, Vesalius College student at UDLAP, Mexico

Upon reflecting back on my five-month experience in Mexico it’s hard to have any feeling other than happiness and sheer joy. I was the first VeCo student to study abroad at the Universidad de Las Americas Puebla (UDLAP), and it has been an amazing experience that I will never forget. Let’s start with the campus: there is no other place like it in Mexico. The campus is spacious, rich in nature, and ideally located. What makes this campus beautiful is the life of the university: a group of students sitting in the quad, a lively study commons, or stadiums bursting with school spirit.

UDLAP is like a small town within a town. Right outside Campus, streets are buzzing with activity: from bars to clubs to local restaurants that offer a variety of rich Mexican dishes. People are so friendly; and even if you do not speak one word of Spanish when you arrive (as was my case) you will have no problem meeting people and quickly learning how to communicate. I had both the pleasure to be integrated in a large group of international students but later on also to meet wonderful locals who I can now call friends.

Classes are similar to those at VeCo. They are small with no more than 30 students and have a very interactive quality. The teachers are also very approachable and friendly. Mexico also offers so much in terms of travel. Many associations within the university organise trips all over the country. To give you an idea: I travelled to the west coast to the ´Bay of Iguanas;´ I´ve been to Guanajuato for Independence weekend; I’ve been surfing in Puerto Escondido; and I’ve been partying in Playa del Carmen.

This study abroad was the best experience of my life and I will never forget the wonderful people, places, and the atmosphere that I had the pleasure to absorb over these past five months.

Elliot Steed