Barbara Benuskova, Intern at Direct Selling Europe

My name is Barbara Benuskova. I am originally from Slovakia and I studied International Affairs at Vesalius College in Brussels. During the last semester of my studies, I did an internship at Direct Selling Europe (DSE), an international federation of businesses, where I was responsible for daily monitoring of DSE-related policy developments, analysing legislative proposals regarding consumer protection, drafting various press releases/position papers on relevant issues as well as attending internal and external meetings (mostly at the European Parliament). During the course of my internship, I was also asked to analyse and compare EU legislation with the national legislation of some non-EU countries, which enabled me to explore a broader context of the internal single market.

What I found particularly rewarding about my experience at Direct Selling Europe is the fact that it provided me with great insight into the EU decision-making process, dynamics of the lobbying world, as well as into the interconnected nature of international relations and business. I greatly enjoyed working in such a multinational and friendly environment at Direct Selling Europe and I greatly appreciated its relatively small-size, which provided me with an intense and also personal working and learning experience, which I doubt that I would have had in a larger organisation. I truly believe that my internship experience will be a great added value and a ‘door-opener’ in my future academic and professional development.

Barbara Benuskova