Ashley Minett, Intern at Laffineur Law Firm

One of the main reasons I chose to study at Vesalius College was its Internship Programme. My internship at Laffineur law firm was by far my favorite aspect of studying abroad.
Throughout this experience, I have learned so much about the field of EU law and the daily functioning of a law firm in an international setting. Moreover, my time at Laffineur was a unique learning experience regarding the policies, objectives and legislative processes of the European Union. This knowledge I ascertained has been easily transferable to my academic studies as well as future career goals. In addition, at Laffineur I made amazing friends who not only helped me learn about the field of law, but also taught me so much about living and working in the heart of Europe. I would definitely recommend the Vesalius Internship Programme to anyone that is looking for a unique, rewarding and overall life changing experience here in Brussels.