Ana Damovska, Study Abroad student from American University College Skopje, Macedonia

I  have always been fascinated by Brussels as the administrative center of the European Union. In my opinion,  because of the fact that Brussels is the center of Europe and is where representatives of EU countries create and develop political and economic policies, this is one of the best places for political science students to stay and study.
The thing I like best about Vesalius College is  the international crowd. Even the professors are from different countries and use different teaching styles, which make our courses more interesting and diversified.  I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who, through our interactions were able to learn something more about my home country, Macedonia.
I am really pleased and honored to be given a chance to study and live in such an amazing environment. Studying at Vesalius College and living in Brussels has been a great experience since the day I arrived here. I would definitely want to continue my education here.

Ana Damovska