Victoria Tregub, Communication Major, Class of 2008

Ten years ago, I graduated from Vesalius College, a university that changed my life and determined who I became today. As an alumna, I can wholeheartedly say that VeCo supports its students at every academic stage and invests in their personal development. At VeCo, I discovered my strongest talents as I grew and prepared for […]

Stephan Bergmann Johansen, International & European Law Major, Class of 2019

My first month as a Law student at Vesalius College has been very enriching. It has been a lot of fun getting to know students and professors coming from all different corners of the world. The diverse student body gives another dimension to the in-class discussions as students observe the same phenomena in different ways […]

Sarah Levy, International & European Law Major, Class of 2018

In my first year at Vesalius College, I participated in an Honours Class on countering extremist terrorism. Our group created a project called Newsworthy. We presented our idea in a competition and were selected to present it to the U.S. State Department in Washington D.C. Within the Newsworthy project, my role was to write articles […]

David Agie de Selsaeten

David Agie de Selsaeten, Business Major, Class of 2000

Within both the Belgian and the wider European landscape, I feel that Vesalius College remains a very attractive undergraduate program platform that offers great direct and indirect insight and experience into the global corporate world. Indeed on one hand, through the college’s excellent group of professors I have been able to appreciate and experience academic […]

Nathalie Kuhn, Business Major, Class of 2014

Studying at VeCo really changed my life and gave me the opportunity to make my dream come true. Because I was brought up in French and German speaking family and attended a European School in Brussels, I was used to develop in a multi-cultural environment and to be surrounded by people coming from any part […]

Levi Maxey – Study Abroad student from Roosevelt University (Fall 2013)

After much anticipation I had finally arrived at Vesalius College. I was in the fall semester of my final year of university, and I had been allowed the privilege of studying abroad in Brussels. Over the course of my stay, Vesalius exceeded my expectations without failure. Whether through the intellectually stimulating courses taught by passionate […]

Suhela Dighe, Business Major, Class of 1993

Following my graduation from VeCo in 1993, I immediately started a 2-year MBA programme at the Rotterdam School of Business. The MBA programme allowed me to hone more analytical skills, as well as apply theory in case studies and  real-life projects. During the programme, I took part in two internships: a summer marketing internship in […]

Jill Berger, Communications Major, Class of 2010

After graduating with a BA in Communications from Vesalius College in 2010, Jill worked at a Brussels-based communication agency for three years and has recently taken up a challenging position in the financial communication field in Switzerland. There, she joined meetinvest.com, the world’s first online stock selection and social media platform for investors. Jill says: […]

Lucía Pérez Torres-Muñoz, Business Major, Class of 2011

Since the first day during orientation week at Vesalius College, you realize you’ve become part of a peculiar family. Vesalius College has students from all around the globe, teachers with all kinds of backgrounds, and everyone has a unique story to tell. The story I always tell starts when I decided to start my Bachelor’s […]

David Boujo, Business Major, Class of 2014

Three years have passed since I first set foot in Vesalius College… Three years that have flown by at a surprisingly fast pace! I remember the first day I arrived at College and was warmly welcomed by so many different nationalities and people with such different backgrounds. This international, open-minded environment was everything I was […]