VeCo Students Go to New York – SUNY Model EU

Five students from Vesalius College are now participating in the Model EU, organized by the State University of New York, taking place from April 4 till April 6.

The SUNY Model EU is the longest established, continuous simulation of the European Union in the United States, bringing together over 150 students from EU member states and accession countries with students from New York State. At SUNY Model EU, students will have the chance to debate the biggest questions facing Europe, and will role play real EU leaders and officials, drafting and debating a policy agenda that reflects the real contemporary problems faced by EU member states and the EU Presidency. Like many international simulations, students and universities represent country delegations in preparing to attend a European Council Summit.

This year’s team Vesalius is as follows (on the picture, from left to right):

Lander Baillière (International and European Law) 
Ali Jabbarli (International and European Law) 
Emilie Rateau (Global Communication) 
Verena Feiersinger (International Affairs) 
Ella Garcia-Perea (International Affairs) 
Dr. Sven Van Kerckhoven (Vesalius College Associate Dean) as a Faculty Advisor 
Good luck!