Spring Guest Lecture: ‘Intellectual Property Law: Why It Matters to Business’

On Wednesday evening, the 28th of February 2018, Bruno Vandermeulen (IP Litigation Lawyer, Partner at Bird & Bird) delivered a lecture at Vesalius College entitled ‘Intellectual Property Law: Why It Matters to Business’. The event was moderated by Stephanie Gardner, Business Law professor at Veco. This dynamic and participative event brought together more than 40 students and external visitors.

Mr. Vandermeulen began the lecture with a review and explanation of the different pillars of Intellectual Property Rights. To illustrate his explanations, he provided samples of various products that have been the subject of IP litigations in Belgium and at the EU level. During the lecture, students were given the opportunity to interact and pose questions related to IP Law. Topics included the lifetime of patents, the relationship  between technology and ethics, big data and cyberespionage.

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