Spring Guest Lecture: “Data Law – Why It Matters to Business”

On Tuesday, April 23, Vesalius College hosted an evening seminar: Data Law, Why it Matters to Business. Julien Debussche and Jasmien César, members of the Brussels bar and associates of the Brussels office of Bird & Bird law firm shared their professional insight and experience about the complex field of data law. Professor Stephanie Gardner of Vesalius moderated the event.

Not only do Debussche and César advise the firm’s clients in the field of data law, they also carry out large research projects on data law for the European Commission. Various topics were introduced ranging from GDPR, privacy, free flow of data, intellectual property rights, breach-related obligations and cyber-security. Among the key takeaways of the evening was that the current challenges of legislating and even defining big data and data ownership are very prominent. This is particularly important in a day and age where practices such as data sharing can create economic growth and efficiencies across the European continent. Debussche and César emphasized the need for the EU to modernize its legislation and create a more workable framework for companies as well as consumers. Throughout the evening, audience participation was strongly encouraged through on-line voting of survey questions and Q&A.

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