Radio Broadcasting and Podcasting: What’s new?

This module explores the analytical and practical sides to the world of audio news reporting and podcasting in the 21st century. In the module, students will be invited to discuss the implications of self-producing audio pieces/podcasts and producing audio pieces/podcasts within an already existing media infrastructure. What sort of message does a self-produced podcast/audio news piece give as opposed to one produced by an already existing media conglomerate? What sort of resources and tactics are needed to produce a successful and reactive broadcast that reaches across audiences? Students will also be invited to bring in a podcast/audio piece that particularly resonates with them and discuss why. In the practical side of the module, students will be able to learn an introduction to the world of audio production. How can ambient and environmental sounds contribute to the richness of an audio piece? How can you present an otherwise dry interview by inserting breaks, music or sound design to draw the listener in and keep them listening? Hands-on tips will be given on audio applications, automation and design with other information offered about setting up an infrastructure for your own audio or podcast.



WNYC’s On The Media

An episode from Melvyn Bragg’s ‘In Our Time’:

An episode of BBC’s ‘Witness’

EU Scream Podcast episode ‘Climate and Populism’:


Biography: Luke Calzonetti is an American artist that works extensively within the audio, visual and reporting spectrum. A graduate of Brooklyn College in Radio Production and History, he has contributed to Radiolab WNYC, WPRX and hosted self-produced radio shows since a teenager. He has produced sound-design for a slew of different radio audio pieces, radio art projects and has collaborated with artists and designers all over the world. As a musician, he has extensive experience playing in groups and producing solo albums for international record labels. He has been profiled in magazines such as The Wire, Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes, XLR8R and more. He currently lives in Brussels.

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