Prof. Dr. Tongfi Kim takes part in the Transatlantic and Transpacific Alliances conference

On October 24, professor Dr. Tongfi Kim spoke at a conference jointly organised by the Institute for European Studies, the Brookings Institution and the Asian Institute for Policy Studies on the subject of ‘Squaring the deterrence vs engagement puzzle in East Asia and Europe’.

Vesalius College professor Dr. Kim was the speaker for the first panel that assessed the role of deterrence and engagement in dealing with the nuclear and missile security threat posed by North Korea, Russia, and other illiberal countries.

KF-VUB Korea Chair organised a half-day conference “Transatlantic and Transpacific Alliances: Deterrence and Engagement in the Korean Peninsula” seeking to put on the table how the Transatlantic Alliance (NATO) and the Transpacific alliances (US – Republic of Korea, US – Japan) can help to address the traditional and non-traditional security threats posed by North Korea.