Guest lecture: ‘Ethics for Economics and Business: Discrimination on the Work Floor’

On Thursday 22 October, Vesalius College warmly welcomed Mr. Bart Mondelaers, (Staff Member, Legal Issues, Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities), who gave a lecture on “Ethics for Economics and Business: Discrimination on the Work Floor”.

Mr. Mondelaers began his lecture by introducing the historical evolution of anti-discrimination legislative frameworks at the EU level and the status of their implementation in Belgium. After which he explained the various protected grounds for non-discrimination and different forms of discrimination which can occur in the workplace. To illustrate this point further, Mr. Mondelaers provided multi-coloured cue cards with the five forms (direct and indirect discrimination, intimidation (harassment), refusal of reasonable accommodations and instruction to discriminate) in which the participants were supposed to match the forms with their legal definitions and case studies. Through these examples he proceeded to delineate the responsibilities and challenges employers can face, but also what tools and options are available to employees who are faced with such situations.

Following the lecture there was an engaging debate and Q&A session amongst the audience and lecturer.