Keep Calm & Get Things Done Lecture

Last Tuesday, Vesalius College hosted a special lecture on stress management.  Sonia Lospitao, Certified Coach and founder of SONLOS Coaching, spoke to an audience of around 80 p0eople and explained the mechanisms behind stress and its impact on our bodies and behavior.

Stress is often misunderstood and, in reality, unavoidable. Sonia explained the difference between good and bad stress, and how we can learn to manage it from a physical, mental and emotional level. She also shared some tips on tackling procrastination, multitasking the right way, and finding our own motivation and fulfilment.

The lecture was followed by an engaging Q&A session, where the audience had the opportunity to gain greater clarity and share their own personal examples.  

Vesalius College offers not only high-quality education but also aims to empower future leaders. To fulfil the purpose, the Global Ethics, Leadership, and Personal Development track is offered as part of the curriculum and it covers a range of topics such as public speaking, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence.  If you want to know more about Vesalius College, please join us for the Open Day (February 23 for MAs, and March 23 for BAs).

Please click the picture below to see the slideshow.

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