EPSS Lecture: ‘The Role of the World Bank’ by Guggi Laryea, a Vesalius Alumnus

On Wednesday 21 October, the the European Peace & Security Studies (EPSS) lecture series Fall 2015 welcomed Guggi Laryea, a Vesalius Alumnus, European Civil Society & European Parliament Relations Advisor, External and Corporate Relations, from the World Bank to deliver a lecture on: “Facing the Challenges of Global Poverty and Underdevelopment: The Role of the World Bank”.

The lecture began with a historical beginnings and overview of the World Bank’s development since its inception in 1944. He proceeded to outline the World Bank’s two priority goals of ending extreme poverty (defined as earning $1.9 a day) and increasing shared prosperity overall by focusing on the bottom 40%. Mr. Laryea also highlighted the different hats of the World Bank as a development bank, a knowledge bank, and a global bank. His lecture provided a few examples of the key challenges the World Bank is facing including conflict and fragility, climate change, pandemic diseases, and demographic changes, especially the migration crisis.

The lecture was followed by a Q&A session and a light reception.