Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management Executive Course: Module 5

The fifth module of the Executive Course in Global Risk Analysis and Crisis Management on ‘Global Crisis Monitoring, Conflict Analysis & Early Warning’ took place on Friday, 31 January and Saturday, 1 February.

The Friday session introduced the practical methodological steps to follow for foresight and warning analysis, up to the delivery of warning. The entire session on Saturday was devoted to the analysis of the Syrian crisis for strategic early warning, and the use of specific software like yEd graph and Gephi.

The trainers of this fifth module were Dr. Helene Lavoix (Director of The Red Team Analysis Society, a think tank devoted to Strategic Foresight and Warning, anticipatory intelligence, and early warning systems for conventional and unconventional security issues) and Dr. Andrea Ricci (Deputy Head of the Situation Room, European External Action Service).

This module concludes the first part of the training on Global Risk Analysis. The second part will be devoted to Crisis Management and will begin with the module “Understanding the Crisis Cycle and Complex Crisis” on 28 February.

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Please find photos from the module below: