Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management Executive Course – 6th Edition

The second module of the Executive Training Course in Global Risk Analysis and Crisis Management on ‘Analysing Risk, Preparing for Uncertainty’ took place on Friday, 19 and Saturday, 20 October.

The Senior Expert Round-Table on Political and Violent Risks in the Middle East & North Africa regions set the scene with interventions from Riccardo Fabiani, senior analyst at Enery Aspects and Ludovico Carlino, Analyst on Middle East & North Africa at HIS Janes.

The Executive Training Course continued on Saturday with a focus on the key concepts and approaches differentiating political risk analysis and violent risk analysis. The different processes and modalities underpinning violent risk analysis such as SOCMINT and GEOINT were discussed and applied to a specific case-study: the evolution of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq since its emergence in late 2013.

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